Did you know I’m allegedly a YouTube content fox now apparently????

Title, tbh.

Basically, something I do on the regular after work is visit one of the arcades near work, and a month or so ago, I learned that they are super lax about recording equipment, which is super nifty considering the kinds of games that are there cough cough. That being said I’ve recently been seeing what games I can record and recording some plays of them.

Now by no means am I perfect, like you’re not gonna be seeing super top-level perfect scores or anything, but I do have a decade with rhythm games, so it’s also not like you’re gonna be watching “how to survive the first iidx – yogscraft edition” or anything silly like that.

And well, this blog is about my AuDHD hyperfixations, and well, this is the one. This is the “I will sit at this arcade cabinet for 7 hours if nobody stops me” hyperfixation. The “I will spend thousands of yen to make this hobby more accessible to me” hobby.

Anyways, recently I’ve been mostly playing O.N.G.E.K.I., and the occasional jubeat.

There are also a bunch of other games that I play but either haven’t or can’t get footage of me playing, (and a few games that I play a couple sets every now and again but don’t really do very well in. I’m only capable of like, single digit levels in iidx for example.)

Short shill one this time, I’ll be back soon with watch updates. Also let me know if there are any other arcade games you think might interest me or might be fun/possible to record. I don’t really do dance games, but I’m experimenting with SMX as long as my poor fitness doesn’t kill me first. @rocketlanterns twitter/tumblr/cohost/etc or lanta@rockett.space.

Lanta write a blog post less than 4000 words challenge success?!?!?!?!






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